NCH 2019 Prophecy


  1. It shall be a year of surprises (pleasant and unpleasant), the surprises will start right from the beginning of the year.
  1. There will be rise of people / revolutionary movement
  2. There will be a shift in power and turn of events.
  3. There will be mind-blowing discoveries in Medicine, Engineering, and Aeronautics
  4. Extreme environmental temperatures shall hit some Nation
  5. There will be more fire and flood incidence, let’s pray for God’s mercy
  6. The END-TIME Clock is ticking fast.
  1. There will be return of the prodigal son
  2. More couples shall dance to the Altar- Marriages
  3. Many families shall be tested or trialled, but the Lord shall strengthen His own and grant them Victories
  4. Young adults and Children shall prophecy
  5. Keep a watchful eye on your Children in 2019
  6. Put God first, and the Lord will do exceedingly beyond your imagination in 2019
  1. For many, it shall be a year of new pleasant things, open doors to pleasant opportunities and massive promotion
  2. To those that will Obey the Word- John 3:30, they will reap bountiful rewards
  3. There will be lots of happenings – the last shall be the first; the end shall justify the means
  1. The World will encrypt more into the Church, but the Church that stays HOLY shall Triumph
  2. In the Church of God, the Holy Ghost Fire will fall
  3. If the people who are called by my name will HUMBLE themselves, then I the LORD will grant their REQUESTS
  1. Obey my command, many will run to you for cover
  2. Fear not, I your GOD will increase you.

Thus says the LORD………….

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