NCH Year 2020 And Next Decade Prophecy

NCH Year 2020 And Next Decade Prophecy


II Chronicles 20:1-15

Year 2020 is the foundational year of multiple dramatic unprecedented happenings ( negative and positive) of the decade.

Many will rejoice, some will be knocked off their feet. Many will experience unexplainable progress, while others will get mysterious set backs.


There will be natural disasters – floods, but less fire incidence. Many nation will surrender to God’s counsel, some nation will be liberated from unpleasantness ( social, economical etc). The world will experience the birth of a new ideology. There will be uprising of people against governments. There will be astonishing discoveries in medicine, technology and space engineering.


The Lord will demonstrate His power more in the young adults, teens and children. Some family will undergo crackdown which will eventually end in testimonies and marital bliss.


Psalms 118:15. The battle is not yours – II Chronicles 20:15

In this year be mindful of the impact of worldly global deceit on your faith / salvation. Many individual will experience dramatic, sky-rocketed promotions. The Lord will be extraordinarily kind to some people this year. Many will experience astonishing positive and progressive turn around.


The world will infiltrate more into the Church, many Church will be taken – over by worldly ideologies. The church that remain steadfast and trust in the Lord shall remain standing and will experience outpouring of the Spirit.


Be still and know that I AM God, I will uplift, uphold and prove my Almightiness (Psalm 46:10)

For RCCGNCH year 2020 – Year of Great Turn Around – Psalms 30:11-12.

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